How to Make Coconut Milk!

My favorite plant milk is coconut milk. I love coconut milk because of its creamy texture and ability to blend well with a variety of other foods in terms of flavor. Coconut milk is so versatile! You can use it in your smoothies (of course), cereals, pastas, rice, quinoa, and ice cream. It is also relatively easy to make.

I prefer to make mine rather than buy the can or bottle. It really does not matter how “organic” or non GMO the canned/bottled coconut milk is, it will NEVER have the same flavor or even joyful fulfillment as that  of cracking your own coconut, using that nut’s natural juices and meat to create your own milk.

I prefer dark brown coconuts, they have a more rich, creamy flavor. Light brown coconuts in my experience tend to be more sour.


There are many methods of making coconut milk and after two years of experimenting, I found a way that works best for me.

Tools needed:  Hammer, small knife or cleaver, large mixing bowl, fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth bag, and a high speed blender.

Other Ingredients:  2-4 cups warm water. For a thicker coconut milk use less water for a thinner milk use more.

Step 1: Knock coconut on multiple sides with hammer over large mixing bowl. (This may sound weird, but this helps to loosen the outer shell and lessen the chance of needing a knife or cleaver to scrap out the meat). When water begins to gush from coconut let it slowly pour into the bowl. You should be able to see the inside of the coconut at this point.

Step 2: If you managed to remove the shell completely from the membrane, congratulations! You are a pro. If not this is where your knife, or cleaver comes in. Once the coconut is open (most likely in half), SLOWLY  use your knife to remove the coconut from the shell. You must do this carefully, in the early days I accidentally cut myself with the knife so please aim downward toward counter top and never toward your flesh.

I was able to knock off the entire half of the coconut shell with hammer alone!


Step 3: Cut meat in chunk or bite sized pieces depending on the strength of your blender. Once they are cut place them in blender along  with your warm water. I emphasize warm because it aids in extracting the juice from the meat. Do not use cold water! I even boil mine and let it cool to a little warmer than room temperature and received the best results

0129171909 (1).jpg
Cut meat into pieces smaller than this so that they are able to blend easily.

Step 4: Blend! Even if your blender is high speed let it blend for a minute or two, you want to extract all the juices! Use a cheesecloth bag to sieve out the minced meat and put milk in mason jar.



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