Have I fallen off?

I know it has been more than a week since I have blogged my journey but…No! lol I have not fallen off my plan I have just fallen off blogging, I know just as bad. The honest truth, I have been tired and stressed from work, but I can honestly say I am addicted to the #smoothie life and have made it a part of my daily diet.

I finally found a great brand of Matcha tea powder and was addicted to that for a few days. The color is a rich, bright green and the flavor is amazing. After hours of research I settled on the Organic Kenko Matcha brand based on the reviews. This particular brand of Matcha was made in Japan which was a personal necessity. Go to the source!


This is an unedited photo of the powder for those that are interested in purchasing this product.

My shadow is making it a little bit darker but you have an idea of the color and texture.


Some smoothies I made with the Kenko Matcha green tea: Coconut milk, banana plain mix and coconut milk, banana, and cacao powder.

Results: I love this brand and will purchase again if only for the color and taste of the tea. Highly recommended!





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