Purple Reign Pt. 2? Black bean pasta fail!

Dinner turned out to be purple as well. After a trip to Trader Joe’s, I decided to try a grain free pasta. Anything wheat always puts the pounds on me and I still love pasta so I was happy when I found this Black bean rotini. Ooooh the packaging alone made me want to buy it. I just love that script lol



Well I just finished boiling the the pasta and gave it a taste……lets just say it was not for me. The color of  the water when boiled was you guessed it, Purple! The  bean pasta were a mushy texture (well they are beans) . Taste  of course was that  of black beans.

I wanted to make a an Alfredo of some sort and sauteed onions and mushrooms, lets just say I prefer that beans be prepared in  traditional sense as an accompaniment or part of a stew like chili. (By the way I made alfredo with coconut milk before with regular wheat based pasta and it was amazing ) The bean pasta was not bad, just not for me. I still say give it a try.


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