Day one: Choco Smoothie

Today will be the first day on this journey to a healthier me. One of the best ways for me to stay on track when it comes to eating and living healthier has been incorporating smoothies into my daily diet. Unfortunately, the winter months have taken their toll and I fell off my regimen. This blog was created to keep myself accountable and encourage others in their own journey of living a healthier life!
My first #smoothieoftheday is simple. I love mixing cacao powder, bananas, and coconut milk to make amazing, creamy chocolate flavored smoothies.
I use bananas that are heavily speckled, or those that I have already frozen (you can also make ‘nice cream’ using frozen bananas) the week before. Bananas that are speckled are ripe and tend to produce the most fructose (sugar).
I used frozen bananas today. See how dark the bananas are? No need for any added sugar!
Wait until your bananas are highly speckled if you want a sweeter smoothie.
Coconut milk is also high in healthy fats and the taste of FRESH coconuts…is to die for. In my opinion fresh coconuts provide both savory and sweet elements to smoothies and nice creams.
Fresh coconut milk I made. You can see the cream at the top.
All in!
Choco smoothie recipe
1 ripe, heavily speckled, or frozen banana (Add more for a thicker smoothie)
1 tablespoon cacao powder
1 cup fresh coconut milk (Add more for a thinner smoothie)
Hempseeds (optional)
Putting it all together:
Cut up banana into chunks and place into high speed blender.
Add cacao powder then coconut milk.
Blend until smooth or creamy.
Top with Hemp seeds. Or go crazy with your own toppings of choice! I like hemp seeds because they add an extra nuttiness to the smoothie.

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